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Share Savings now available. Doesn’t happen often. Two people sharing a cab drops the Halifax Airport to Bridgewater Rate from $155.00 down to $110 a Share Savings of $45.00 for each passenger. Option “Yes” to Share Savings is listed in the form. You pay forĀ  your own destination(community) drop off from Bridgewater. If the other party cancels it also cancels the Share Savings and we are back to full price which is still more than likely the best price of any Taxi in Bridgewater! Please see “Info Services” page for all Share Savings Info.

Rates page for pricings for Halifax Airport and Halifax/payment options.

A minimum of a $25 fare to reserve online. There is no cost to reserve online other than the cost of the fare itself and all rates provided are taxes included.

Halifax Airport is fine when addressing.

All info on sharing a cab just above!

Thank you, Cal!