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Cal’s Taxi $130.00 to the Halifax Airport from Bridgewater via Hammonds Plains Rd. Rte 213, covers 1 or 2 people, $150.00 via Hwy’s 102 & 103. City of Halifax from Bridgewater $120.00 covers 1 or 2 people. Between 12am to 8am additional $20.00 for any fare over $100.00.

7 passenger Grand Caravan. No one can ride in the front with the driver so currently able to transport 5 passengers. I have a plastic barrier with no holes in it to limit the spread of viruses. Debit/credit card payment options tap through barrier. If paying with cash please pay through the passengers side window and wear your mask. I disinfect my vehicle regularly. I am doing airport runs but people coming in have no contact with me where they pay by debit/credit card. The Caravan has venting in the ceiling of the van in the back to warm or cool and the air system with not be set to recirculate. The back windows are open a little and a window in the front. 

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Payment Options: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Interac/Flash(via Square) and Cash. Additional charge of $1.00 for use of Interac/Flash, $1.50 for credit cards. $4.00 charge for any credit card keyed in transaction over $100.00.

Hi my name is Calvin and thanks for visiting my site. Reservations Page 24/7/ 7 days a week/reserve within 12 hours please if possible and $25.00 min. Reserve well in advance if you want. I have been in business since 2005.

Bridgewater Intown Taxi Bi-law-Rates per person(s):

Note: The Town of Bridgewater whom provides taxi licensing for Bridgewater only has a Taxi Bi-Law in place for fares within the Town of Bridgewater. Once a Bridgewater taxi leaves Bridgewater it’s up to the cab company/taxi driver to charge what they wish.

Effective March 13th, 2018
1 person 6am-12am $8.00 12am-6am $8.50
2 person 6am-12am $8.50 12am-6am $10.00
3 person 6am-12am $9.00 12am-6am $11.00
4 person 6am-12am $9.50 12am-6am $12.00
5 person 6am-12am $10.00 12am-6am $13.00

From Town of Bridgewater to Exit 12 Shopping District Flat Rate $10.00.
Note: 1. Number of passengers allowed coincide with number of seatbelts available.
Note: 2. Return trip double the above rate.
Note: 3. Children under the age of twelve (12) years of age are not considered additional passengers.
Additional charge for pickup and delivery of goods or parcels $2.50
Charge for each or any stop en route to destination, up to 5 minutes $1.50
Waiting instructions of a customer at the rate of $30.00/hour, $0.50/minute

Note from Cal’s Taxi: The in-town fare covers in-town which is included in the kms measured from each community sign leaving Bridgewater to a destination on my rates page of 500 plus listings.


  • Halifax Airport hwy’s 102-103-213(Hammonds Plains Rd) $130.00, between 12am to 8am $150.00.
  • Halifax Airport hwy’s 102-103 $150.00 between 12am to 8am $170.00.
  • Flight information provides up to date time of arrival no waiting fees.
  • Reserve 12 to 24hrs in advance or weeks or months. $25.00 minimal fare to reserve. Confirmation will follow shortly after.
  • Cancel a reservation anytime but please inform promptly.
  • Cal’s Taxi is smoke free including Driver and scent free as well.
    Vehicle, grey 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT. Very warm with heat that comes from the top  throughout the back with control nobs mid way for passengers in the back to control their own heat or AC and adjustable vents. Sliding doors have electric windows that go down halfway for safety which can be locked from the front for extra safety. DVD player with remote control to watch movies with two headphones available, great for children on long fares. Bring your own movie. Stow-n-go 7 passenger van. Please keep in mind if booking for 6 passengers the luggage in limited.
  • Available upon request a two step stool that holds up to 500lbs and has stainless steel screws with groves to grip the ice and snow in winter. Screws are removed in summer and has rubber grips.
  • Discount on return trip to Bridgewater based on kms listed below. If you are outside of Bridgewater please call for details on discounts where they still apply:
    • 15 to 30kms one way 20% discount on return trip.
    • 30 to 80kms one way 30% discount on return trip.
    • 80 plus kms one way 50% discount on return trip.
    • Note if you have any questions about discounts on return trips please contact us.
  • 50 cents a minute waiting time rate.
  • Will help you with your luggage.
  • Small Moving Jobs, Fare Plus $15.00 1 trip.
  • Reserve through Community Services.
  • Contact page for questions and rates.
  • Groceries ready at parcel pickup, will pick them up for you.


In business since 2005 in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada – Cal’s Taxi