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To all the people who have used my service over the years, very muchly appreciated, Cal!

Share Savings now available. Doesn’t happen often. Two people sharing a cab from the Halifax Airport to Bridgewater SAVES each passenger $48.00. Option “Yes” to Share Savings is listed in the reservations form. You pay for  your own destination(community) drop off/pickup to/from Bridgewater. If the other party cancels it also cancels the Share Savings and we are back to full price which is still more than likely the best price of any Taxi in Bridgewater! Two people from the Halifax Airport, one going to Lunenburg the other to Bridgewater 9am pickup, Lunenburg passenger pays an additional $42.00(gas $1.50’s discounted rate by paying with debit or cash) which is listed on the Rates Page. The person going to Bridgewater doesn’t pay any additional monies where Cal’s Taxi is Bridgewater based. Both save money and Lunenburg would be dropped off first where again I am Bridgewater based. If one of the other passengers has another passenger with them they pay an additional $10.00. 11 years of age and under ride for free in circumstances of sharing a cab providing proof of age would be appreciated to keep things even Steven! Oh if one of the other parties cancels you have to cover the fare which is logical this is a share taxi circumstance not a shuttle service with a flat rate. I cannot help it if someone decides to drop out. Please keep in mind I’m trying to save money for my passengers with providing this Share Savings service. I would let the other party know right away once I found out the other party is canceling. Three factors determine drop offs, first reservation submitted, secondly in most cases first dropped off is determined by the last drop with the cab headed back to Bridgewater and thirdly a shorter distance or convenient drop maybe the main deciding factor. It doesn’t make sense for the cab to go to Lunenburg than back to Upper New Cornwall, dropping Lunenburg last and taking Trunk 3 back to Bridgewater is the right choice for the cabs convenience as opposed to taking the Cross Roads in Upper New Cornwall. In regards to pick up time depends on both parties pickup times, example today’s shared cab the first person booked to be picked up at 3pm in Bridgewater, week later I get a reservation request for same day but she wants to be picked up down the LaHave River at 3:30pm; so the second person reserving for 3:30pm has to be picked up 2:30pm to be to the first person booked for 3pm.

Protection Installed:
I still have my holeless plastic barrier in place(Oct., 17th, 2022) and will be for some time to come. It is important for people to understand by keeping myself protected as mush as possible helps protect future passengers. There are 4 vents in the ceiling in the back of the Grand Caravan SXT  for heat and AC. Windows will be open slightly. My vehicle is always in good working order!

Payment Options: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Interac/Flash(via Square) and Cash. You can tap your card through the plastic barrier no problem and if need be there is no problem with inserting your card and putting in your pin number.

Will deliver everything except alcohol or cannabis.

Thank you,

See reservations page to reserve and contact page for inquires.


  • Flight information provides up to date time of arrival no waiting fees.
  • Reserve anytime, between 6am to 12am in advance, weeks or months, $25.00 min to reserve online. Please note with those hours I don’t leave my home no earlier than 5:45am and keys to be dropped on my table by 12am. Please reserve according to these times if they compliment your travel times.
  • No charge cancel a reservation anytime but please inform promptly.
  • Cal’s Taxi is smoke free including myself and scent free as well.
  • Vehicle, grey 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT. Very warm with heat that comes from the top  throughout the back with control nobs mid way for passengers in the back to control their own heat or AC and adjustable vents. Sliding doors have electric windows that go down halfway for safety which can be locked from the front for extra safety. DVD player with remote control to watch movies with two headphones available, great for children on long fares. Bring your own movie. Stow-n-go 7 passenger van. Please keep in mind if booking for 5 passengers the luggage is limited.
  • Available upon request a two step stool that holds up to 500lbs and has stainless steel screws with groves to grip the ice and snow in winter. Screws are removed in summer and has rubber grips.
  • 65 cents a minute/$39 pre hour waiting time rate outside of Bridgewater.
  • Will help you with your luggage.
  • Small Moving Jobs, Fare Plus $15.00 1 trip.
  • Groceries ready at parcel pickup, will pick them up for you.

Wedding Rates:

  • Between 6am to 11:59pm $1.60 per/km one way, one person.
  • Some questions to consider:
  • Cal’s Taxi is located in Bridgewater, NS, where is your occasion taking place?
  • Is the reception located where the wedding is, within same community or which community?
  • The main location(s) of the occasion should be within a 30km radius of Bridgewater.
  • Are most fares going to be in a 5 to 10 to 30km radius of the main location(s) and are there going to be any fares beyond the 30kms that you may possibly know of?
  • Last fare is at 11pm not to exceed 75kms.
  • Any fare over 75kms should be leaving no later than 10apm and not exceed 115kms.
  • Do you need to reserve different time slots or are you looking at having transportation for a set amount of hours.
  • For example: reserve between 12pm to 3pm and again at 4pm to 7pm and again at 10pm to 11pm. Or 4pm to 7pm and again a 10pm to 11pm.
  • To reserve my taxi for weddings estimate cost of the day to be paid in advance, if cost of fares/waiting times is lower than the advance payment will be sent back to you!

Summary in order to estimate a quote:

  • You have the pricing on per/km, wait time and additional passengers.
  • I need location(s) of reception and wedding?
  • Estimate of how many fares from to main wedding locations, this can be a general idea?
  • How many reserve time slots?
  • Number of passengers per fare?
  • What fares will/may be happening between 10pm to 12am, this is important where there could be long fares involved!?
  • To reserve my taxi for weddings estimate cost of the day to be paid in advance, if cost of fares/waiting times is lower than the advance payment will be sent back to you!
  • Waiting time clock starts while not doing a fare, stops once doing a fare.
  • Can take your credit card info, and manual input, contactless payment!
  • 4 vents in the rear in the ceiling for heat/AC behind the holeless plastic barrier.

In business since 2005 in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada – Cal’s Taxi